December 4, 11:00 (GMT+3 time zone)
New online hair styling and makeup workshop ART4STUDIO
About the workshop

Founders of Art4studio - on of the famous Russian Hair School (Elena Sinyak, Nadya Gerber, Yulya Kravchuk, Alena Fomina) will present new online evening make-up and hair styling workshop on December 4. New program contains 4 professional looks, that will be fully displayed in HD video. Online workshop will be available for 1 month, so you'll be able to practice the looks many times!
You'll have an 8-hours HD workshop. The program contains the most popular and highly demanded Art4studio looks. You'll learn the techniques and professional tricks in all the details and you are welcome to ask any questions during the workshop.
  • Hollywood waves
    Alena Fomina (@alena__famina)
    Professional technique.
    One of the most beautiful and stylish, and what is more - highly demanded hair stylings which perfectly suits both evening gown and casual jeans.

    To create perfect Hollywood waves you'll need:
    - Carbon hair brush for hair roots volume
    - Plastic paddle hair brush with plastic
    - Long hair brush (not less than 22cm)
    - 32mm curling iron
    - Liquid hair lacquer
    - Dry hair lacquer
    - Shine spray
    - Wax spray

  • Textured tail without additional hair strands
    Nadezhda Gerber (@nadigerber)
    Hair styling on natural hair without complex training, with professional scheme and dressing elements. This hair style will suit any occasion: wedding, corporate party, birthday party. Bright and fashion look without complicated style.

    To create a textured tail you'll need:
    - Hair roots micro crimper
    - 32 or 38 mm curling iron
    - Dry hair lacquer
    - Liquid hair lacquer
    - Wax spray

  • Party Make-Up
    Elena Sinyak (@Elena_sinyak)
    Sparkling, New Year makeup. Work with sticky base and highly-saturated pigments and glitters. Quick skin resuscitation during winter frosts period. Peculiarities of work with solid foundations for stubborn overnight makeup.
  • Trendy textured top knot (without curling)
    Yuliya Kravchuk (@juliykravchuk)
    One of the most fashionable looks of 2017-2018. How to create texture on the top of the head without curling and to get european-style volume top knot on the nape using twists and knots?
    -Hair root volume and creating smooth hair texture
    - A bonus video of crimping hair process in the beginning of styling as a hair preparation step

    To make such top knot you'll need few tools and pins (curling iron or flat iron, crimper to prepare hair, grips and pins to fix the "ribs").

Workshop cost
The cost will change on November 30
How it works
After registration you'll receive a link with the broadcast. Click the link and start watching!
Need to know
  • 1
    You'll receive a registration email after making payment, several days before the workshop you'll receive a personal link (without access code). The link can be used by only one person, from not more than 2 IP addresses, otherwise the access will be blocked. Online workshop will start on December 4 at 11:00 am (GMT+3 time zone). Video recording will be available for 1 month, so you'll be able to watch it anytime (even if you missed the workshop or have different timezone).
  • 2
    Video quality
    Professinal HD+ broadcast will be made via player by the link which will be sent to your email. You'll be able to see everything in all details and practice the looks many times during 1 month.
  • 3
    To access the broadcast on the day of the workshop you'll need to follow a special link. 1 link according to the copyrights is available to only ONE person. You can watch the workshop by the link from any device that has Internet connection any number of times.
  • 4
    In arms reach
    You don't need to spend time on travelling and booking thу hotel. You can control the information you get in a way that is comfortable for you.
  • 5
    Each workshop participant will receive personal certificate.
  • 6
    We'll take maximum time and attention to your questions. The questions can be asked only online and only from the tablet or laptop
"Love and work are the only worthwhile things in life. Work is a peculiar sort of love."
Elena Sinyak, Nadya Gerber, Yulya Kravchuk, Alena Fomina are founders of Art4Studio. The girls created professional program on wedding and evening hair styling and won recognition and love of professional stylists all over the world. They train stylists from Moscow, Russia, CIS, Europe. But what matters, the girls are truly committed to their work and students. Online workshop lets the girls share their knowledge with stylists from across the world.
Workshop Cost
The cost will change on November 30
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